Website upgrade Friday 20 September

Friday 20 September we will launch an exciting upgrade of the website.

new overview design

new overview design

In relation to this there will be a scheduled downtime Friday 20 September 6am to 12am CET.

Among the improvements are:

  • Improved overall design.

  • See Tipster and Livebetting details in the oveview.

  • “Load more bets” functionality to see more bets in the overview.

  • “Load more transactions” to see more transactions in the bookmaker statement.

  • See potensial payout for open bets (by placing the cursor over the stake).

  • See actual payout for setteled bets (by placing the cursor over the value).

  • Add notes to your bookmaker/e-wallet accounts (i.e. “account limit slashed” etc.)

  • The ROI (Return of Investment) calculations has been changed to reflect the format used in the financial industry, which is (Net profit / Investment) × 100%. This means a ROI that that used to be displayed as 105% now is shown as +5% and ROI 98% is now shown as -2%.

  • A long list of bugs and fixes;

    • Stake under 1 unit is now possible.
    • User made event details disappears when editing a bet, fixed.
    • When logging in you can now hit enter on the keyboard after writing username/password.
    • You can now settle matches in a multibet that is allready lost.
    • Fees are now included in the ‘Bonus/Fees/expences’ in the Statistics section.
    • Draw No Bet bet-type added.
    • Bet-types has now been translated to all languages.
    • The numbers in the statistics section has been color coded (red for negative values, blue for positive values).

Friday 5 October we will launch yet another upgrade…

A premium subscription which will include:

  • Livescores and auto-settlement for

    • Tennis
    • Ice Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • American Football
  • Advanced statistics fitering.

  • Public user profile (optional).

We hope you are as exited as we are over the upcoming upgrades.

And as allways, feel free to contact us at or on our Facebook page for feedback and support.



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